Mirjam Langemeijer
Mirjam Langemeijer
Mirjam Langemeijer
Mirjam Langemeijer
Mirjam Langemeijer

Miriam Langemeijer (1976); puppeteer and creator of visual theater. Along with her twin sister, Mischa Langemeijer, she has produced a number of original performances between 1999 and 2004. Uder the name 'Compagnie de Draak' they performed at various festivals in Europe. Miriam has extensive experimented with the art of puppetry, especially in street theater performances. Since 2004, Miriam works in close collaboration with artist / inventor Fred Abels. Together they search for new approaches to puppetry and are pioneers in the field of the combination street / puppet theater and animatronics.

The Sea container

"The Sea container' is a visual poem that takes place in a portable box ... The box has hidden a hypnotic mechanism, enchanting music, intriguing creatures and magical lights. MIR can walk around with the box, once the show starts this is at a permanent place. Each performance lasts about 15 min. For an audience of up to 25 person..

MIR still performs with the Sea Container!

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The puppets Mirjam creates are made out of all kinds of material: wood, fabric, metal, rubber .. it just depends on what the puppet 'asks for'. The personality of the puppets are created during the making process and bring their own story along.
'Lisa' is the first human-like figure that made Miriam made, she's a young playful androgynous type with a flexible spine. She has received several stories, non of them worked out yet ..


Arabella, is a small white ballerina spider, and tightrope walker. She was inspired by Betty Boop. She is naive and special, but actually she's doing just what nature subscribes.. After all spider can walk on a tightrope! And everyone would like to dance with so many legs!

Arabella arose in Ireland. In a small stone hut, inside the walls of an old castle near Athenry. On sunny days you imagined you there in a fairy-tale castle, on chilly days it was like a haunted house, stories were between the cracks of the wooden floor, dusty, forgotten ... sometimes one flew through the air and a few times we could catch one...


“Puikebuiken”, was the first name of MIR's performances. The name ‘Puikebuiken’, a Dutch word, refers to all the wonderful things in life, and literally means, “feeling good in the belly”. Since the theatre aims to present a inspiring story that “creates butterflies in your belly and makes you feel good by quietly awakening your imagination”. Later Mir worked with the name: Compagnie de Draak (Dragon), referring to this wild animal existing only because of our imagination.
Below a few shows of Puikebuiken Puppet Theatre/ Compagnie de Draak

The Gand Mini Theatre

‘The Grand Mini-Theatre is a very small theatre. In this theatre of 2 by 1 meter there is place for just 2 up till 5 (if small of size) persons. The audience can take place in the theatre for an exclusive marionettes show that unfolds right in front of your eyes. The curious ones outside are welcome to peep through the curtains

Shown inside: ‘The miracles of nature haven’t left the world’. Which is a circus of insects; a company of 6 animals show there innate tricks: Starring, the rope-walking ballerina spider: ‘Arabella’, the supple slim earthworm: ‘Silly and Sally’, The charming fluffy caterpillar: ‘Annie’ with her transformation-act, The slow but certain snail: ‘mister sss’, and not to forget: the director of the bunch: ‘Lord Blubberbelly’, a bossy frog.

A little bird told me...

Having your heart in the right place…

This is what the show ‘A LITTLE BIRD TOLD ME’, is all about! In this rich and imaginative story Lee-skiddledee goes on a long journey looking for this beautiful heart he ones saw …a heart singing magical songs just like a bird: a wonderful little heart-bird. After travelling for 7 long years, accompanied by his dear and lazy friend Molly the mule, he finds the little heart-bird. But as it turns out the heart-bird already belongs to someone else…

a tightrope on the ocean

Somewhere beneath the infinite starry night lies a boundless ocean. And in that boundless ocean floats a sturdy little ship. On this sturdy little ship stands a wooden cabin. In this wooden cabin sits rough sailor. And in this rough sailor hides a longing. A longing for…
‘Hey!’ Something else is hiding in that cabin!
In a dark corner of the cabin hides a little spider. And that little spider has big dreams, exceptional talents and impossible ambitions.