Café the Glowing Pickle

In recent years Electric Circus has focused on automatic miniature performances. NO screens or projections are used here, everything is live and tangible. Electric Circus invented the term NON-VIRTUAL REALITY for this. Besides the live movements, all sounds are acoustically generated on the spot (by sound machines). The installation ‘Headspace’ was the first outcome of this, and now..after many experiments and research there is a new show:

'Café the Glowing Pickle'
..Is a miniature cafe the size of a small kitchen table. The customers in the cafe are all little live-like robots. The public is invited to sit very close by, for them it feels like they are among te drinking crowd.
At first it is not the most exiting bar, everybody seems bored, but then the door opens with a squeaking sound.. a stranger comes in and that changes everything…

The sound of that squeaking door was the inspiration for this story. An extensive investigation has been carried out (and is still going) to the acoustic and mechanical generation of a squeaking door and other particular bar-sounds. In the little story of 4 minutes eventually the chaotic bar noises transform in a real ritmic piece.

Its music without speakers and animation without screen.

Our former show ‘Headspace’ was a show for 1 individual in a smal private place, lasting 2 min. Now the glowing pickle show has a slightly greater range, there is place for at least 6 adults and possibly some kids, it’s lasting for about 4 minutes. The audience goes inside an intimate little space to experience this show. We have always felt responsible for the people waiting in the queue to get in to the show. So we provide a little area to host them and where we exhibit what we call conversation-pieces; little sculptures and strange objects that can be explored and manipulated. So far we have been doing the try-out shows in our camper van, In the coming year we will continue to build on this moving theatre, the regulars of the café and their entourage.

At the moment Café the Glowing Pickle has a duration of 4 minutes, to be seen by +/- 6 members of audience. The whole scene; the automatic theatre within the little area, will be running for several hours a day.